Aidan Turner about Hobbit’s Times: I knew it was something special

Aidan Turner about Hobbit’s Times: I knew it was something special

16 Грудня 2016

Aidan Turner about Hobbit’s Times: I knew it was something special

16 Грудня 2016
Aidan Turner about Hobbit’s Times: I knew it was something special
Aidan Turner about Hobbit’s Times: I knew it was something special
Irish actor Aidan Turner, best known for his roles in The Hobbit and Poldark films, told MediaSapiens what was particular about the animated film Vincent Loving, which of the Ukrainian actresses impressed him the most and what questions of journalists he doesn’t like.

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Aidan Turner has become world-famous as Kíli dwarf in the fantasy film The Hobbit. Since then he has played in several large British television projects with the outstanding Poldark (produced by BBC One). Aidan is playing Captain Ross Poldark, a key role there. What is more, this hot Irishman bears the title of the world sexiest man according to British Glamour in 2016.

Source: The Independent 

We met Aidan at the Odessa Film Festival; this talented actor visits it for the second time already. Reacting to my sincere surprise to see him in Odessa (let’s admit the Odessa Film Festival is not the Cannes, Berlinale or Sundance yet), he started piling on the compliments about the Ukrainian film festival saying that everything here is real. Aidan says that festivals in big cities often lose the creative excitement because they are poorly organized, scurry, are always about differences and competition. “They lack in love and passion, so the art suffers,” he says. At the same time, he says Odessa Festival has a nice agenda and some intimacy between actors, directors and journalists. Aidan admitted Odessa enchanted him; it is the most beautiful city he has ever seen so he would like to come to Odessa Film Festival every year.

- ‘Desperate romantics’, ‘Being human’  and ‘Hobbit’ brought you the greatest fame. But what project indeed made the greatest influence on your life?

-Well, ‘Being human’ was a very big… Every job I’ve ever done has always been a stepping stone to the next job, so I never felt like I had one job. ‘Poldark’ was quite big for me, to be honest, because I was in the centre of the story, but every single job, every theatre job, every small TV job, every small move, everything mattered all the time. It has ever been a real, big leap. ‘Hobbit’ was big, but it took 3 years, man, to shoot it, and you’re waiting for another year for first movie to come out, and then 6 months for second one and it takes time, but you rolling with it anyway. So I never had this spurt, it’s been a hard work. And it's been relative to my journey. Just being consistent, which is healthy, I think.

- Two years ago in one interview you said that you need more time to recognize all the impact that work with Peter Jackson made on your life. Have you already reflected it?

It's so funny, I've been never asked this question. I like to reflect on these questions, last person, the journalist, said: ‘Are you nostalgic about those times, do you miss?’.

And yeah, I do not think about this often, but when I do… It was a big omen for me. And it was a crazy job to do. It was so big, you wake up every day, you go to set… To set size of a the street… Peter, Peter, [maybe] green screen? No, Peter builds sets, these sets are huuuge, like… you know, Rivendell. We were playing, me and Dean (Dean O’Gorman, played Fíli, - MS) in the forest, it is so big that you even can get lost there. Sometimes we were lost walking around, you miss you mark, you are on the phone, texting and then whistling (Aidan is whistling right now, yes, - MS), you can hear voices over here… and you think 'wow!' was amazing. At that time I knew it was special. Yeah, I learn assets.

Source: MediaBrewPub 

All the time I reflect back, I think of times Andy Serkis directed the second part of the ‘Hobbit’, so Peter Jackson was unit 1 and Serkis was unit 2 (first unit director and second unit director, - MS). So if you don’t work with Peter, you work with Andy. And Andy is like one of the best actors I have ever worked with. Andy is so smart and so good with actors. And I think back like if I would have ever directed, I think how he do it. He made me so comfortable, he really got something out of me. Because Andy is brilliant and I trusted him. He is such a fantastic actor. So I think back, I think back to work with Ian McKellen. ’I will give you advice', and his big hat and just talking....and then ACTION!...'I have told you'....and again. I think about those times… Jesus, what a brilliant person… Advice he gave me I still remember. Ye, it was a really special time and I do reflect. It is important to reflect, that's how you grow, that’s how you learn.

 - In what projects are you now involved in?

A lot of projects are coming out. Last year between season one and season two of ‘Poldark’ I did a few jobs. A movie called ‘Look Away’, a little indie movie, with Chloë Sevigny and Matthew Broderick. It’s going to come out pretty soon. Jim Sheridan’s movie ‘The Secret Scripture’. Jim, who was here last year, is a great guy! Great guy. Love him! What else I do? Movie about Vincent Van Gogh (‘Loving Vincent’). It's a great film, an animation, so they shot us against green screen a lot, and what happens is… I'll try to make sense of this. When you shoot, you shoot 48 frames per second, so every second is 48 frames there. And what this movie is about, it’s about Vincent Van Gogh, about how he died, and maybe there is a mystery behind his death, bla-bla, just a story about his life. But the way they worked it… I think they got around 600 oil painters to come in and paint all, every second, 48 frames in a style of Vincent Van Gogh works. You know, it's oil! SO this movie is really interesting. I played a small role, a boatman, with Douglas Booth (Armand Roulin), he plays main protagonist. So doing interesting work. You see, what am i doing now… em… waiting for these movies to come out. To see, I’m waisting the time or not. Lots of press and just preparing for Poldark again, which is boring. Don't tell anyone I was drinking last night! (Sorry, Aidan, - MS) Back in the gym, back reading a lot, and just getting the scripts for Poldark. That's such a busy shoot for me, every day I need to be on it, so.. ye, doing that. Having fun, meeting wonderful people in Odessa, hanging out, talking...

- What question are you most often asked by journalists?

 Let's see... Oh, it’s funny… I don't know, it’s usually something like, it's not even so interesting, just tends to be people who have not seen movies… there are a lot of lazy journalists. Now we are alone here, but when you are on a busy festival, even busier than this one, you'd have lots of journalists and lots of actors in rooms like this. And it is just ‘bang! bang! bang!’. So you meet journalists, who come in, who pretend they have seen your show. 'Oh, Poldark… Tell us about… What is Poldark?' Oh,

So, broad questions, that are not specific, really tough. Broad, vague, questions. ‘So, why acting? Why you are an actor?’ And I…Oh my God, it’s 9 o’clock at the morning, and I even don’t know. And they go to next actor, do they know who Bradley Cooper is? It doesn’t matter. And they ask him. So I guess questions that are vague, happen a lot. ‘If you weren't an actor, who would you be?’, - people ask that a lot too. I have no idea, I've been an actor for like… 15 years, since I was 18. I don't know what I would do. I'll make up a new thing, like be a carpenter, or a photographer.  I have no idea.


-  Have you already seen any Ukrainian movies?

  I have. I saw a great actor during the Odessa Film Festival. Katia … Forgot a surname. In ‘My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan’.

-      Katia Molchanova?

Brilliant movie, it's so much fun, and she is just extraordinary in that film. Really enjoyed the film, for me she was… she gonna be a huge star, I think, huge Ukrainian star. Fabulous actor. I met her last night, we had a little bit beer, she is such a lovely, gorgeous, smart, funny person. So ye, that's the idea to come over here and see as many Ukrainian movies as I can. And that one was people talk about. So ye, 'My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan' was really good.
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