A car with closed curtains
When the Russian propaganda runs dry falling into creative impotence, then customers themselves, either Putin or his authorized representatives, come to help their intellectual servants and personally broadcast messages which give a new impulse to the ‘army of propagandists’. Overview of the Russian media for December 2016.
Regime of Truth
The question is much more serious: if the Russian authority is able enough to control its propaganda industry, or it is doomed to become its hostage? Overview of manipulation technologies on Russian TV over a period from 15 till 28 February 2015.
Final Diagnosis
Russian TV is actually the press service of terrorist gangs. The figures of losses, outcomes of battles, tragic incidents causing the deaths of civilians are covered exclusively from the point of view and in favor of separatists. Overview of manipulation technologies of Russian media for 1-15 January 2015.
Lot of fuss about propaganda
‘Russian propaganda soldiers’ are lost in the directions of their Kremlin heads, and the ‘experts’ proving the most absurd plots are played by absolutely marginal characters, heads of some semi-mythical ‘analytical’ structures with pretentious names.
Secrets of political corruption: accusations unanswered
Savik Shuster keeps on allowing the candidates promote themselves without asking them difficult questions. Even opponents and journalists tend to demonstrate "conciliatory" tendency in public communication. Here is the overview of political talk shows "Svoboda Slova" with Andriy Kulykov and Shuster-Live from October 13 and October 17, 2014
Juntology abandoned
Russian federal channels go on playing the role of spokespeople for the Russian aggressor army on the occupied territories which are functioning under the cover of fake ‘people’s republics’. Below is a research into the Russian media’s coverage of the situation in Ukraine from September 4 to 22, 2014.


  • Serhiy Chernenko6