Clay Basis of Information Security
The Information Security Concept in terms of its purpose has a potential for becoming one of the significant documents in the Ukraine’s national security system. Given this, is the criticism of the paper justified; if so – what one can do to fill it with correct and useful content?
Rocking on target
The idea of “the Third Maidan” as the Kremlin’s design is becoming more and more real. Skillfully manipulating the people’s emotions and panic amid the economic breakdown, the Kremlin is gradually preparing us for a riot that will destroy not only the current power, but also the entire system of public administration. The key role in this operation belongs to the Ukrainian media again.
Russian Propaganda in Ukrainian Information Space
Cynical lies, incitement of hatred and intolerance, calls for violence and the use of wide range of channels and agents in Ukraine are the signs of Russian propaganda in Ukrainian information field during 2014.
Absurd as a means of information war
Russia has directed its information blow at the very basics of Ukrainian citizens’ conscience. Absurd has turned into one of the key means of information war.
Metamorphoses of Russian propaganda. «Vesti» newspaper
Ukrainian newspaper. On the Ukrainian events. Sympathetic to the Army, with respect to the President, supporting the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. But once you look closer, you will find messages, which strangely intersect with propaganda of the Kremlin.