How schoolchildren in Sweden are prepared for life in the "post-truth" age
Digitalization, critical thinking and trust are important components of Swedish education. Here, pupils in the classes discuss the coverage of terrorist attacks in the media, take part in meetings with politicians and learn to provide psychological help to their peers.
Aidan White: By registering on Facebook, we seem to say: "Take my life and exploit it!"
"Google and Facebook became the reason why we turned out to be on the verge of the death of pluralism", - thinks Aidan White, director and founder of the Ethical Journalism Network. In an interview with MediaSapiens he told whether it is real for journalists to get rid of the impact of social media and how to follow professional standards in the conditions of the global informational crisis.
Media Reforms Evaluation: the Laws are Approved, but the Main Thing is to Implement Them
The progress and the problems of media reforms, the access to public information, personal data protection, and the Internet governance were discussed during the conference in Kyiv arranged by the European Union and the Council of Europe.