About us

Detector Media (non-government organization, until April 2016 titled as Telekritika)  is an influential media platform and a sustainable think-tank that enhances the creation of democratic, free and professional media in Ukraine as well as educating of critical, thoughtful and sensible media consumers.


Detector Media was founded in 2004 by Natalia Ligachova-Chernolutska, a Ukrainian journalist and media expert, who is a constant leader and inspirer of the organization. Before April 2016, it had a title Telekritika.

Originally, a kernel of the organization consisted of team of the web-journal Telekritika. That web-site depicted all the processes in media field and united the media critics and media experts; it was a most popular web-site among all the national media community. Gradually, the scope of activity of the team reached far beyond media monitoring and reporting; promoting media literacy, participating in media reforms appeared among its priorities. Along with that, the team grew, and Telekritika appeared known not only as media outlet but as an influential NGO in the field. Since 2014, the issues of disinformation, propaganda and hate speech appeared in the focus of its attention, and Telekritika became among flagships of the think tanks undertaking researches and analysis in the area.

Telekritika developed its web-platform. It included:

  • MediaSapiens, since 2010, a unique on-line resource on media literacy;
  • Suspilne Movlennia (Public Service Broadcasting) – a website dedicated to public broadcasting reform in Ukraine;
  • Videoteka – educational video resource for journalists.

In November 2015, the team had to leave the website Telekritika and  in February 2016 established the new web platform instead - Detector Media.  Since April 2016, the title of the organization was changed to Detector Media as well.

Nowadays, DM combines functions as media and think-tank. It operates its websites (the main one is Detector Media that goes on as a mirror of all the media processes in the country) and has a team of experienced journalists and news-room. The analytical team produces media researches, policy analysis, media monitoring, and participates in policy-making.

DM is supported by different international donor organizations, such as: NED, SIDA, Internews Network, US Embassy, Council of Europe, Matra.

Our priority activities

1. Promotion of High-Quality Journalism  

DM initiates and promotes the national professional discussion of observance of the journalism ethics and standards with view to increase the professional level of journalists, media managers and civic journalists as well as to improve the audience's awareness of the content and importance of meeting of professional standards in media.

The quality monitoring of the news, social and political TV-content is a strategic field of our concern. For 10 years we have been regularly monitoring the observance of journalism standards and suppression of socially important information on the national and regional TV. The monitoring results are regularly presented at public events all over Ukraine. They are repeated by media and studied by high schools. The monitoring deliverables draw attention of channels' seniors, give rise to discussions and make some newsrooms – in particular, the ones that are soon going to prepare the content of public service broadcaster on the central and regional levels – tighten the news quality regulations.

2. Improvement of State Policy in the Information Domain

Detector Media NGO promotes the transparency of governmental policy in the information domain and counteracts the attempts of the State to control the Ukraine's information space.

Our media experts participate to all key events, write expert materials, give comments to media, and organize activities and advocacy campaigns together with other NGOs and movements, prompt politicians to public discussion about topics that are important for regulation of the media world.

3. Promotion of Journalists' Rights Protection

DM  constantly follows the cases of journalists' rights violation, reports them and draws the attention of society, authorities and law-enforcement bodies.

4. Improving of the Medialiteracy

One of the strategic tasks of DM is to promote the formation of critical, thoughtful and aware media consumer. So we inspire the expert discussion about the journalism standards, publish the quality materials on media literacy issues and keep on developing two unique web-projects: MediaSapiens and Videoteka.

MediaSapiens is a niche on-line platform aimed at criticizing of media content, identifying of its major problems, improving of journalists' professionalism, making vast public aware of media operation in Ukraine and of media influence on public opinion (especially when Russia is levying aggressive information war against Ukraine) as well as of the foreign media trends and new on-line instruments for journalists. The MediaSapiens' primary mission is to boost critical attitude to the information spread by media.

5. Combating Propaganda and Hate Speech

DM keeps standing in line with the organizations that defend the information landscape of Ukraine from the Russian Federation's information aggressions and from internal threats.

Our organization focuses not only on the trends in anti-Ukrainian propaganda, information war tools and methods but also on the social and psychological aftermath of propaganda, the Ukrainian journalists' role in overcoming these aftermaths in the society. Detector Media's experts joined the elaboration of the nation information security policy.


office 10, 7/9 Yaroslavskyi lane, Kyiv

e-mail: info@detector.media